Three Habits of People Who Are Young at Heart

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, age is just a number. Take steps to remain young at heart to stay healthy and happier as you age.


Fred Astaire Dance Studios believes people who display youthful energy and have enthusiasm for life live longer and have more fun. The pandemic outbreak paused many of the activities seniors look forward to, and quarantining to stay healthy took a toll on mental health. Now that the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror and vaccines are readily available, the time is right to tackle new hobbies and strike out on exciting adventures.


If you are stuck in a rut or if body aches and pains are making your daily life a struggle, step out of your comfort zone and recapture the energy from days gone by. Staying young at heart can help you improve your health and give you a positive outlook on life. An earlier study in JAMA Internal Medicine reported that people who are young at heart may live longer. Researchers at the University of London asked 6,500 men and women over age 52 how old they felt. People who felt younger than their actual age lived longer.


Turn off the television, get up from the recliner, and adopt these habits to improve your energy and boost your mood.

1. Live in the Moment. Many people get mired down in the details. Rather than focus on the here and now, they make plans for the future. Stop waiting to visit the beach until you get your body in shape for swimsuit season. Don’t hold off on issuing a dinner invitation because the house is messy. Focus on spontaneity and fun. People who are young at heart live in the moment.

2. Get Moving. Exercise helps your body stay active and fit. Make it a priority to participate in some form of low-impact exercise on a daily basis. Whether it is walking the dog or taking part in a yoga class at the community center, staying active will increase your energy level and help you stay strong and flexible. Exercise also releases endorphins, which can help boost your mood and reduce anxiety.

3. Explore New Hobbies. One of the best ways to stay young at heart is to keep your mind active. Exploring new hobbies encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk. Don’t be afraid to sign up for a pickleball class, take up crochet or explore new types of cuisine by attending a cooking workshop.


Ballroom Dancing Helps People Stay Young at Heart


Fred Astaire Dance Studios encourages people to stay young at heart by taking steps on the dance floor. Ballroom dancing is a low-impact workout in a fun, social atmosphere. Our dance instructors teach people how to waltz, salsa, and swing at private and group lessons in our local studios. Ballroom dancing is a fun way to stay in shape, and studies reveal it may reduce the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s, according to The New England Journal of Medicine.


Age is clearly just a number for these ballroom dancing seniors. Take a look at some viral video clips of seniors busting a move.


Check out this video of a grandmother in the United Kingdom doing a viral TikTok dance with her grandson when he makes his weekly grocery delivery. The video received nearly 600,000 views.


A 60-year-old high school dance teacher from Canada nailed a routine at a hip-hop competition with some of her students.


An elderly couple went viral for their dance moves at a Ludacris concert. The pair believe dancing together helps keep their marriage strong and is a fun way to showcase the enduring nature of their relationship to others. Making it a priority to share a few kisses each day doesn’t hurt either.


Dance Off the Years at FADS

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