Trick or Treat! Best Viral Halloween Dances

Happy Halloween from Fred Astaire Dance Studios! Get in the spooky spirit by checking out some of the best viral Halloween dances caught on camera.


TikTok Fuels Viral Video Trend


Viral videos spread quickly across the internet, capturing the attention of viewers of all ages. These videos can notch millions of views as they are shared on social media or sent over email. Many viral videos get started on TikTok, a popular social media app that launched in 2016 and has more than one billion active users worldwide. TikTok specializes in short-form mobile video. The number of TikTok users soared following the pandemic outbreak as people filmed themselves performing popular dance moves with their families to pass the time during quarantine.

There is no shortage of videos captured during the Halloween season. Music helps create the atmosphere at Halloween and sets the stage for a frightfully good time. Artists like Michael Jackson, Bobby Pickett, and Alice Cooper are recognized for their contributions to Halloween playlists everywhere. Choreographing dances to accompany these popular songs is a tradition for many Halloween revelers. And we have the videos to prove it!


Here are a few of our favorite viral Halloween dances:


In this clip, Dance Fitness for Artists performs as part of a flash mob to “This Is Halloween,” from the Tim Burton film “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” which is sung by Marilyn Manson. The DFFA regularly performs choreographed flash mobs on various street corners dancing to popular tunes.

Check out these kids from the Vizavi Dance School in Israel who take the stage to dance to a Halloween favorite, “Ghostbusters,” by Ray Parker Jr.

Take a look at this outdoor party to celebrate the Breeder’s Cup World Championship, a popular horse race in California. Dancers performed zombie-style to Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.


Costumes Synonymous with Dance


Donning a costume and hitting the dance floor is not just reserved for Halloween dances. It is a tradition as old as time. Ancient civilizations wore masks and danced at religious celebrations. Revelers disguised themselves by wearing masks to attend masquerade balls as part of the celebration of Carnival in 15th-century Europe. Masks and costumes help complement both the music and dancing styles. They showcase the theme of the performance and provide eye-catching scenery for viewers.


Learn to Dance with FADS


Costumes are not required to kick your inhibitions to the curb and learn to ballroom dance at FADS. We offer group and private dance lessons at our local studios. Brush up on your dance skills or learn a new hobby as we kick off the holiday season.


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