Honor Dad with a Special Wedding Dance

Father-Daughter Wedding Dance

As your wedding day draws near, take time to honor the important role your father has played in your life and make him feel special by choreographing a simple wedding dance for your reception.


Planning a wedding takes time, energy, and money. The average wedding reception in the United States in 2021 costs $22,500, according to a survey of 7,600 couples by The Knot, an online wedding marketplace. Nearly one-third of people surveyed hire a wedding planner and host an average of 131 guests at their wedding reception. Last year, the outbreak of COVID-19 had a major impact on young love. The pandemic impacted at least 90 percent of couples who were set to wed. While lovebirds trimmed down their weddings during the pandemic, 2021 is on track to be a big year for the wedding industry as many couples were forced to reschedule their big day or opted to have a longer engagement.


Coveted venues book up years in advance, and coordinating your big day can be overwhelming. In the midst of picking your flowers, navigating family squabbles, and shopping for your dream dress, let Fred Astaire Dance Studios help you impress your guests at your reception with some new dance moves. Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help you brush up on your dance skills for your first dance with your new spouse or choreograph a simple father-daughter dance for the first man in your life. We offer customized wedding dance instruction programs to give you both the confidence and skills to show off your elegance, style, and personality on the dance floor at your reception.


It’s likely that the emotions of your parents are running high. They are happy you found someone to spend your life with, but reaching this milestone is bittersweet. Taking time to plan something special with your father will go a long way toward easing stress and limiting disagreements. A memorable father-daughter dance will complement your first dance and is a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation.


Here are a few easy steps to follow to plan a simple father-daughter dance.


  1. Pick a song. Even before you start dancing, it’s important to pick a song that is meaningful to both of you. Sit down with your dad and discuss different options together.
  2. Attend a dance lesson. Once you’ve picked the perfect song, Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help you choreograph your dance to make the special moment shine. Our dance instructors will teach you some basic ballroom dance moves, including spins and dips, to impress the crowd.
  3. Practice. Spend time practicing the routine with your dad. He will enjoy spending time with you, and your efforts will show on the dance floor.
  4. Have fun! Your wedding reception should be fun. Once all the vendors are booked and details ironed out, make sure to have a good time. Embrace the chaos and enjoy your dad’s company as you dance.


If you and your father are hams and want to get the party started, take some ideas from these father-daughter duos who impressed guests with upbeat and fun dances.


The bride at this wedding came dressed to move. The father-daughter pair choreographed some upbeat steps for guests at their reception. The smiles on both of their faces show the practice was worth the effort.


In this clip, the father and daughter start dancing to a slow tune, but the tempo quickly changes as the dance rolls on.


With the mountains in the backdrop, this father-daughter duo starts out slow dancing to a country tune and quickly pumps up guests with a number of fun, choreographed moves to some crowd favorites.


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