Wedding Planning 101

Once the excitement from your engagement dies down, reality sets in, and it’s time to start planning your happily ever after. Fred Astaire Dance Studios has some wedding planning tips to help you treasure this exciting season.


Tips to Reduce Wedding Stress

Many brides and grooms get mired in the details of planning a wedding, and stress levels rise. Making seating charts, creating playlists, and ironing out the details can be overwhelming. But planning a wedding does not need to cause premature wrinkles. Follow these five tips to keep wedding planning stress at bay.


  • Take your time. It’s likely you’ve been dreaming about your future wedding since you were young. While the desire to stock up on bridal magazines and start dress shopping will be strong, enjoy your engagement before you jump into planning the big day. Take time to celebrate with family and friends and wait to dive into planning for at least a few weeks.


  • Stick to your budget. When you’re ready to start planning your wedding, sit down and create a budget with your future spouse. The average cost of a wedding in the United States was $27,063 in 2021, but it’s possible to have a memorable celebration at a wide variety of price points. Creating a reasonable budget and sticking to it will help eliminate a lot of wedding stress. It may not be possible for you to have the ice sculpture and Vera Bradley gown, but splurging on flowers may be within reach. Understanding the reality of your budget from the beginning will help you manage expectations and create an event full of memories to last a lifetime.


  • Do premarital counseling. Even if your officiant does not require premarital counseling, it can be a helpful resource. You’re about to embark on a lifelong journey. Getting your partner’s take on finances, parenting styles, and conflict-resolution tools builds a strong foundation and can prevent future conflict.


  • Delegate. Being self-sufficient is admirable. But when it comes to wedding planning, it’s not worth it. Don’t be afraid to check boxes off your to-do list by delegating tasks. Your friends and family want your wedding day to be special, and they will be happy to help make your life easier.


  • Dance. Kick wedding planning stress to the curb and prepare for the big day by taking ballroom dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. We can help you learn the basics of ballroom dancing at our local studios in group or private lessons. Our customized Wedding Dance Program will give you the skills and confidence to enjoy the first dance at your wedding.

In a short amount of time, our instructors can teach you some basic steps and help you choreograph a dance to your special song. Whether you need basic instruction or want to plan a full-blown choreographed mash-up, we can help you master the dance floor.

While gaining confidence for your first dance is important, dance lessons are a great way to connect with your spouse-to-be. It’s important to take a break from wedding planning to relax and have fun. A dance lesson at Fred Astaire will put you on a path to learning a lifelong hobby you can enjoy together.


Check out these video clips of memorable first wedding dances for inspiration.


In this clip, the bride and groom get in a festive spirit by dancing the lindy hop to “Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs.

The couple in this clip rely on some fancy effects to accent their wedding dance mash-up.

This pair created a beautifully choreographed first dance incorporating a variety of ballroom dances and impressive fireworks.


Schedule a Dance Lesson

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