Why Women Love The Gift of Ballroom Dancing Lessons

women love the gift of ballroom dancing

As much as we all love getting down and shakin’ our tail feathers when no one is watching, there’s something wonderful and delightfully irresistible about dancing with others. It’s no surprise that dancing is good for physical health, but more and more women are beginning to realize that the gift of ballroom dancing can also have a positive impact on mental and emotional health, especially when it comes to personal relationships. That’s why ballroom dancing is a sought-after gift by women this holiday season.


Studies have shown that couples who participate in physical activities together are more likely to be satisfied in their relationships than those who do not. If hitting the gym together is proven to strengthen a relationship, just imagine staring deep into your partner’s eyes as you move across the room, lost in an intimate rumba. Perhaps this is why many couples claim ballroom dancing is the key to their marriage. Some people even go as far as saying ballroom dance is a form of couple’s therapy, only cheaper!


As creatures of habit, we often fall into daily routines quite easily, moving through each day just like the last. This is particularly common for those of us who are married or in long-term commitments. At the time it may seem hard to break the cycle and branch out to experience new activities, but many couples can attest to the benefits of accepting a challenge with their partner. For some, this means taking to the dance floor and performing ballroom classics like the waltz and tango.


Many women share that ballroom dance has helped strengthen the relationship with their husbands and has even made their marital bond all the more special. Whether you step out on the dance floor for the first time or the 100th, there is always an exciting spark and feeling of re-kindlement between partners. Couples take part in ballroom dancing to reconnect, learn something new, and spend quality time together. Dancing also builds confidence and self-esteem, which are fundamental elements of successful relationships.


When dancing, two people must learn to trust each other, communicate, express emotions and work together, much like in a relationship. Couples also explain how the physical communication between their bodies actually stimulates better verbal communication on and off the dance floor. But perhaps the greatest gift of ballroom dance is the closeness you feel with your partner as your bodies shift with each movement and your eyes lock in a still gaze, creating a newfound intimacy. Both men and women share that ballroom dancing has made them fall in love over and over again. It’s like dating again… slipping into something a little dressier to go dancing and just have fun!


Ballroom dance has become an integral part of many successful marriages because it too requires the same components as relationships. The fact that dancing strengthens relationships, as well as the body and spirit, is why so many women are excited when they receive lessons as a gift. If you’re looking for a new adventure or way to connect with your partner, consider ballroom dance at a Fred Astaire Dance Studio. You will quickly see how it is the greatest gift you can give your loving partner!