Yes, Dancing Aids in Weight Loss

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Those are all real headlines from over the past six months. Indeed, ballroom dancing is a great workout and will help you shed unwanted pounds. If you’re a fan of the hit show “Dancing With the Stars” then you’ve seen it with your own eyes! Who could ever forget Marie Osmond’s 27-pound weight loss during her fifth season stint in 2007?


Of course, those dancers are going through daily, rigorous training… so how beneficial are the “normal” ballroom dance classes like the ones we offer at our Fred Astaire Dance Studios? Well depending on your weight and your intensity, ballroom dancing can burn anywhere from 300–500 calories per hour! That’s roughly the same as a run or a bike ride. But ballroom dancing has some benefits that will make it your “go to” choice when it comes to fitness, health, and weight loss.


It’s an exercise that offers a big impact by being low-impact. Basically what we’re saying here is that ballroom dancing gives you a lot of calorie-burning bang without costing you your arm and leg joints! Exercises like jogging and running are great, but they can be brutal on your knee and hip joints. Most types of ballroom dancing are considered low-impact, as well as aerobic. An added bonus is flexibility! Dancing helps improve your balance too!


It’s an exercise you’ll enjoy. As many as 80 percent of resolutions fail by February! So what can you do to help you stick to an exercise and weight loss plan? Pick an activity that you’ll enjoy — at least that will help, according to the government’s Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Other exercises might burn more calories, but if you stop doing them, what’s the point? The bottom line: the best type of physical activity is the one you’ll keep doing. An added bonus is friendship! Studies have also shown that people are a lot more likely to stick with exercise if their friends are there too. You’ll find plenty of friends and fun with group classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.


It’s an exercise with style. OK, so we’re kind of making this one up, but it’s true. Think about the fluid movements of a waltz or the dramatic flair of a tango. Sure, you’ll burn calories walking on a gym treadmill, but you might just like a little more panache in your promenade. Ballroom dancing offers fun with flair, all while you’re blasting fat and calories with style and grace!


So, if you’re ready to learn something new, make some new friends, burn a lot of calories, and lose some weight, contact the Fred Astaire Dance Studios nearest you. It’s never too late to resolve to become healthier and happier.