Breakdancers Prepare for 2024 Paris Olympics

As the summer Olympics in Tokyo draw to a close, Fred Astaire Dance Studios has its sights set on the 2024 Paris Olympics when breakdancing will make its debut.   The International Olympic Committee voted to include breakdancing as an Olympic sport in 2020. Breaking, the elite form of breakdancing, was first performed at the… Read More

Brush Up on Iconic Dance Moves

Perfecting longtime favorites will help get the party started   Before you attend a summer wedding, chaperone a high school dance, or bust a move at a party with friends, Fred Astaire Dance Studios suggests brushing up on some iconic dance moves to have fun and relive your glory days on the dance floor.  … Read More

Top Dance Movies to Stream on Hot Summer Nights

If the dog days of summer are making you lethargic and reluctant to hit the dance floor, Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends recovering by spending an evening curled up on the sofa watching some movies with great dance choreography. Fred Astaire Dance Studios helps foster a love of ballroom dancing among its students at studios… Read More

Ballroom to Hip-Hop, Which Type of Dance is Right for You?

If you are new to dancing, Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help you pick the type of dance style that is best for you as you start your ballroom dancing journey.   Dancing is a fun, social way to improve your physical fitness and enjoy quality time with your partner and friends. Dancing can burn… Read More