Fred Astaire Dance Studios Rewards Success

Fred Astaire Dance Studios relies on a unique Trophy System to help motivate students and gauge their progress as they master new ballroom dancing techniques.   Setting goals is an important way to stay engaged and enthusiastic when learning any new skill. Fred Astaire Dance Studios ensures its students stay motivated by using a Trophy… Read More

No Ballroom Dancing Partner, No Problem at FADS

Do you need a ballroom dancing partner to take dance lessons? Not at Fred Astaire Dance Studios! If you are interested in learning how to cha-cha, samba, and swing, no partner is required. Ballroom dancing is not a hobby reserved for couples. Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers group and private lessons for anyone who wants… Read More

Freshen Up Dance Moves for Wedding Reception

As wedding season rolls around, instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help couples create memories on the dance floor by preparing for their wedding reception. The average couple spends six hours per week planning their wedding. In between picking out flowers, making seating charts, and planning the menu, it is important for couples to… Read More

Celebrate National Women’s Health Week

Fred Astaire Dance Studios invites you to kick up your heels and get your heart pumping to highlight National Women’s Health Week in May.   Although many scientific studies debunk the theory that women are genetically predisposed to caregiving, the numbers tell the real story. Approximately 61% of all caregivers in the United States are… Read More

Dance Lessons Perk Up Busy Parents

Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help harried parents reconnect and recharge by taking dance lessons!   Parenting during a pandemic has taken a toll on many couples. The outbreak of the pandemic reduced job security for 41% of working parents with children between the ages of 5 and 18 years old. Many parents fear being… Read More