Employee Wellness

Dancing Boosts Office Morale   Dancing can be a unique team-building activity to boost employee wellness and improve morale at the office. Dance instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help your employees de-stress and decompress by learning some new dance moves.   The pandemic outbreak took a toll on the mental health of many… Read More

Empty Nest Syndrome

Combat Empty Nest Syndrome by Dancing   As college drop-off looms, nip empty nest syndrome in the bud by scheduling dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.   Empty nest syndrome refers to the sadness many parents, particularly mothers, feel as their children leave home. Sending your child off to college or helping them get… Read More

Senior Moments: Dancing Improves Health Problems

Welcome to our special new ballroom dancing series — Senior Moments. As part of this monthly series, Fred Astaire Dance Studios will explore how age is just a number. Tune in each month to learn how ballroom dancing can help improve your physical and mental health for many years to come.   Staying active as… Read More

Three Habits of People Who Are Young at Heart

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, age is just a number. Take steps to remain young at heart to stay healthy and happier as you age.   Fred Astaire Dance Studios believes people who display youthful energy and have enthusiasm for life live longer and have more fun. The pandemic outbreak paused many of the activities… Read More