Celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month by Dancing

Fred Astaire Dance Studios is reminding you to celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month in September by taking a break from your normal routine each week to have fun, get fit, and start a new hobby on the dance floor.   The National Institute of Mental Health defines self-care as the practice of “taking the time to… Read More

Post-Dance Lesson Tips to Stay Healthy

Fred Astaire Dance Studios encourages its students to develop a post-dance routine to stay healthy as part of their ballroom dancing journey.   Smart dancers follow a post-dance routine to stave off injury and recover. A dance lesson activates adrenaline and gets your blood pumping. After a fun dance lesson, you may be in the… Read More

Beat the Heat: 5 Indoor Exercises You Can Do When It’s Too Hot Outside

As temperatures across the country hit record highs, finding indoor exercises to stay in shape and maintain fitness goals can be challenging.   This summer is on track to be hotter than average in the United States, particularly in the Rockies and Plains area, according to The Weather Channel. The northwestern United States is in… Read More

Dance Soothes Mind, Body, and Soul

If current events, high temperatures, and busy schedules are wreaking havoc with your inner peace, Fred Astaire Dance Studios prescribes adding dance lessons to serve as a balm for the mind, body, and soul.   While children rejoice when school ends and the dog days of summer begin, the lack of routine can be a… Read More